Web Hosting and Internet Engineering


E-mail Problems/Questions 98% of all E-mail issues are covered here. Look here first before calling for support.

Michigan's Unsolicited Commercial E-mail protection Act of 2003 Understand your rights as a receiver of E-mail, and also the penalties for sending UCE here in Michigan!

How to send out E-mail using dnx The FTC only wants Internet Service Providers using the MTA port (port 25) to send E-mail. Change your settings so you can send out E-mail thru dnx using the proper MSA port, (port 587) instead.

Walk-Throughs Step-by-step guides showing each individual page necessary to set up the Discovery Networks E-mail service using Outlook Express, Netscape or Mozilla on your computer.


Using Your Web Space Learn how to use your web space, including a general description of "FTP" as well as guidelines for your web page.

Usage Policy All the legal information you need to know about what is acceptable at Discovery Networks.