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(7/2/2018) DNX will be switching domain names from dnx.net to dnx.email!

We have sold the domain name "dnx.net" to Global Mind Ltd. in Germany. This has no impact on our phyical presence or ownership, however we will be changing E-mail settings in the following ways:

  • Things will be easier to configure: All connections for E-mail services (smtp, imap, pop3), will soon be served by the host "dnx.email". There will no longer be separately named hosts for imap.dnx..., smtp.dnx..., etc.) This change serves this initiative as well as curing the warning about trusting the server.
  • Those of you who are still using a dnx.net E-mail address will still get inbound dnx.net messages, however outgoing messages will be sent as dnx.email, and you are encouraged to notify others of your new address. GML as agreed to forward these accounts, but it would be prudent to notify others and transition to the dnx.email form.
  • Those in the majority who have their own domain name will not be affected by the name change. (Other than changing server settings.)

We will begin this transition as early as this week, and will keep you posted on the progress, and contact individuals who need to make specific changes.

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